Alloy Wheel Painting Promotion

Only £100 for Painting |

Refurbishment | Colouring

Mega Promotion - Alloy Wheel Services
Type of Services :
- Painting
- Refurbishment
- Touch up

- ONLY £100

A 2 Z 2021 - Special Alloy Wheel

Painting & Respraying

Alloy Wheel Painting Promotion is offering you the opportunity to paint, change colour or respraying your wheels. Let us know what you need to do to your wheels and we will find you the best solution.
Please send DM with your vehicle details to :  

– Mobile Phone: 07765156179 

– Email:

– Social Media DM : Facebook    | Instagram 

Alloy Wheel Painting & Refurbishment Section

How Does it Work!

– This campaign or promotion (Alloy Wheel Painting) is restricted to the first 100 vehicles/drivers that get in contact with us via any of our communication platform.   

– Timing: Your vehicle will stay with us – Atoz Performance Workshop – for a maximum of 48 hours (2 days)

– Each participant that is awarded the promotion and or discount, is eligible to choose any colour that wants to apply on his/her vehicle. The driver or vehicle owner can also choose if they want inside and or exterior painting services.   

– Participants can join the competition by using any of available platforms such as – Website –  Social Media Platform – Mobile Phone Messages. Please read below all the details.

– If you receive a call or text from one of our team members. You will be qualified. 

Social Media for Auto body Painting Promotion Campaign

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Please take 2 minutes to fill the form below to take part in our  Mega Promotion. One of our team members will give you a call to confirm and book an appointment when is suitable for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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