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1 wear sensor, 2 piston centering springs, ANS Bremsbelagsatz/ Brake Pad Set – Order cheap Brake pad set


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Learn more about breaking pads – operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Brake pads are a part of the brake system.  From numerous points of view they decide how rapidly the vehicle will stop. when the gas pedal is pushed down, the shoe is squeezed against the plate, which prompts the vehicle to slow down.


Types of brake pads

Semi-metallic. pads are made of iron, copper, and graphite powders. Their bit of leeway is a decent warmth move and inconveniences are fast wear, loss of properties when the temperature drops, and the presence of commotion while slowing down.

Low-metallic. This is perhaps the best sort of these segments. Their structure is equivalent to that of the natural and improvement of properties is gotten by including copper or steel, that permits a superior warmth expulsion. The main disadvantage is quick to wear of the brake circle.

Earthenware. Practically no disadvantages: the entrance of water doesn’t influence the presentation, brake plates wear is insignificant, and the residue and the warmth are delivered to a lot lesser degree than in the above-depicted analogs.

The construction of brake pads

The premise of the part is a metal plate with a fixed grinding lining on it. Cushions rehash the type of a brake circle or drum. A cushion is joined to the base by methods for bolts and uncommon cement. Numerous cushions have to wear sensors.

Tips for operating the brake pads

The administration life of the brake cushions relies upon traveling style and mileage. Unexpected quickening and deceleration destroy the part quicker. Overall, its life expectancy is 15 000–20 000 km. It isn’t prescribed to misuse cushions if lining thickness is diminished to 2-3 mm since there is a danger of harm to the brake circle and the brake liquid bubbling.

Malfunctions of brake pads

part is twisted;

the presence of free play;

harm or break of the rubbing surface;

substantial wear of cushions.

Symptoms of brake pads failure

lopsided wear of parts;

wear marker perusing;

the appearance of clatter or squeak in the wheel during slowing down;

increment in power when squeezing the brake pedal;

the pedal doesn’t re-visitation of its unique situation after delivery;

the debasement of slowing down adequacy.

Causes of brake pads malfunctions

thing isn’t appropriately made sure about;

wear of the brake plate;

residue, soil and unfamiliar articles in the coating;

inappropriate establishment;

forceful driving;

Repair and replacement of brake pads

Fixing and reestablishing the cushions isn’t suggested. In the event of a breakdown, they ought to be supplanted, particularly in light of the fact that their expense is moderately low. New parts will expand the life of the brake circle and the whole stopping mechanism. You can supplant a cushion without anyone else with a negligible arrangement of devices. To do this, follow these means:

lock the vehicle utilizing the handbrake and raise it;

eliminate the wheel;

take out holding pins and guide pins;

utilizing forceps or a screwdriver, suffocate cylinders in the chamber of a caliper and eliminate the old parts;

grease up direct pins with oil and play out the above strides backward request.

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A1 (8X1, 8XK) 1.4 TFSI
A3 (8P1) 2.0 TFSI quattro
GOLF VI (5K1) 2.0 TDI 4motion
CADDY III (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH) 2.0 TDI
PASSAT Estate (365) 2.0 TSI
JETTA IV (162, 163, AV3, AV2) 2.5



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