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Track Control Arm Audi, Seat, Skoda & VolksWagen

-Rear Left Upper-

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AUDI Models

  • AUDI Model: A1 / Year 2010 and – & 8X1
  • AUDI Model A3 / 2012- & 8V1
  • AUDI Model Q2 / 2016- & 1st Gen


SEAT Vehicle Models

  • SEAT LEON / 2012- & ( 5F1 )



  • SKODA OCTAVIA / 2012- & 5E
  • SKODA SUPERB / 2015- & 3V3



  • VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC / 2018- & A11

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FAQ’S – Track Control Arm

How to notice that your Control Arms are faulty!

The first indicator that your control arms as worn are the steering wheel vibration. Normally when the bushing or ball joints in the control arm are worn it causes the wheel to be shimmy and this causes that the steering wheel starts vibrating. 

What happens when you drive with bad bushing? 

As mentioned previously, the used bushing is clunking or scraping noises, uneven tire wear and obviously the reduction on vehicle control and braking response. 

  • The metal-to-metal contact damages or bending

Does the car need an alignment after replacing the lower control arm?

We at Atoz Performance, after the change of control arm we always suggest checking and correcting the vehicle alignment. The service itself (replacement of the control arm) do not change the alignment angles, however, the alignment angles might have changed previously due to worn of the part.

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